Nursing Home Alarms

Nursecall System – Residential & Nursing Home Alarms

AT AK Fire we have cost-effective Nurse call systems to suit you in residential and nursing homes. Our Nursecall communications system is the perfect solution for care homes and supporting living environments.We can supply install and maintain the C-Tec Quantec Call System this is the most innovative addressable call system in the UK. It provides the possibility to adapt the system to the care facility’s requirements in order to meet the specific operational needs. The system offers for example different day, night and call divert arrangements which can be easily accommodated. In addition C-Tec’s Quantec Call System provides advanced features such as multiple call levels, simple system reprogramming, free built-in datalogging and full monitoring of all network devices. That is why the C-Tec Quantec Call System is the obvious choice for nursing homes, hospitals, health centres and many other private and public sector establishments. The C-Tec Quantec Call System is easy to use as the backlit display shows the location of the incoming call while a gentle tone is indicating the presence of the alarm. Staff visiting a room can make a ‘help required’ or ’emergency’ call from the nearest call point. The call is displayed with its priority on the panel, highlighted with a more urgent alarm tone for higher prioritised calls. The C-Tec Quantec Call System range includes a variety of devices for making calls, which are adapted to the patient dexterity, for example tail call leads, ceiling pull units and pressure pads. Triggered calls can be reset at the room from which they were made using a magnetic reset key or button. In addition, the devices incorporate confidence indicators which illuminate when the call has been made. AK Fire are fully qualified and trained in this equipment and can offer you complete cost-effective solution from install all way through to maintenance

Warden Call Systems

Number of System DevicesCost
1 – 20 Devices£99.00 ex VAT
20 – 40 Devices£130.00£ ex VAT
40 – 60 Devices£180.00.00 ex VAT
60+ DevicesPOA

Disabled refuge systems

Disabled refuge systems are designed for use in buildings that contain refuge areas. This type of intercom system allows emergency services to be in constant contact with the people in the refuge areas who seek assistance. The Disability Discrimination Act made it the responsibility of all companies, nationwide, to ensure that access to buildings and services is available to everyone – there must be no discrimination… With access provided for all, provision must be made for safe evacuation in the event of an emergency. In some circumstances, those with physical impairments can be assisted by others – but in many situations this is not suitable or safe. A solution comes in the form of temporary areas of safety – ‘refuge areas’. The person in need of assistance is helped to the closest refuge area and awaits safe evacuation. Refuge areas must meet certain criteria, these are covered in BS9999:2008. As well as describing suitable areas for refuge and the type of construction, the Standard specifies the need for two way communication.An EVC (emergency voice communication) or Disabled Refuge System allows firefighters and others to communicate with one another during emergency situations. The system also allows communication with disabled persons.It is a “system that allows voice communication in either direction between a central control point and a number of other points throughout a building or building complex, particularly under the direction of management of firefighters.” (BS5839-9:2003 3.3).We design, supply, distribute, sell, install and commission Disabled Refuge, Emergency Telephone, Disabled Toilet Alarm systems to end users and the fire, security, and electrical contracting trades.Find out more information on Emergency Voice and Disabled Refuge Systems and equipment on some of the many informative pages on this website.We distribute, sell, install and maintain.Features