About AK Fire

AK Fire Ltd is a well-established business providing national coverage for several years. We specialist in the supply, installation, maintenance and commissioning of a huge variety of fire safety equipment throughout the UK. As one of the UK’s fastest growing Fire Protection companies we provide great prices and reliable service.

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Fire Protection Spray Coating


AK Fire  offer a comprehensive on-site intumescent spray painting service from initial enquiry to issue of a certificate of supply at the end of the project.  AK fire offer professional spraying service for your buildings requirements and have skilled team of paint sprayers available to help with your requirements.

All works are completed by our own professional spray teams who are experienced in working on site and alongside other trades. In ensuring your full requirements are met to a very high standard

  • Reliable service
  • Free Survey
  • Professional
  • Trusted
  • Competitive prices

How does intumescent paint work?

An intumescent coating is basically a paint-like material which is inert at low temperatures – under 200 ◦C – but reacts with heat. As the temperature rises, during a fire event, the intumescent coating swells and forms a char layer that covers the steel.

Unprotected steel can lead to building construction collapsing in the event of a fire.

It can take just a few minutes for unprotected steelwork in a building to attain temperatures of around 550ºC in a fire. At this temperature, steelwork loses its load bearing capacity to with stand hte heat and the structure is likely to collapse and bend, giving little time for people to evacuate and even less time for the fire service to bring the fire under control.

  • Building regulations and legislation demand fire protection to upgrade the fire resistance of buildings
  • Selection of waterborne and solvent based are also available to complement the intumescent coating spray.