When should you not use a fire extinguisher ?

When should you not use a fire extinguisher ?

These are the ‘DON’Ts’ of Using a Fire Extinguisher

1. Ignoring the instructions written of the fire extinguisher

Make sure you are fully aware of what the extiguisher should be used for as there are diffrent types of fires and some extinguisher not suitable for some type of fires. Ensure you have read the instructions and are using the extiguisher in right way.

2. Using the wrong type of extinguisher for the wrong class of fire

Ensure you use right type of extiguisher for the correct fire type failing to do this could escalate fire and make it worse.

3. Rushing into a fire unprepared:

Ensure you evaluate the fire and how safe it will be to put it out ensuring you not putting your self at risk whilst trying to stop fire.

4. Trying to put out a big fire using several extinguishers one at a time

If the fire is to big you should leave the building if possible and call fire brigade to come and deal with the fire.

5. Aiming the extinguisher directly at a burning liquid while you are close to it

Ensure you not to close to hot liquids as this can splash on to you and cause burning to you

6. Trying to extinguish the fire from the top of the flame

You should try to point the extiguisher at the source of the fire and not at the top of flames

7. Using the extinguisher against the wind direction

Be careful not to spray yourself! If possible, position yourself in a direction where wind will not be a counter effective force.

8. Leaving the area after ‘putting out’ the fire
Many fire have been known to reignite after a while as they not totally out . The area should be monitored for a longer duration to ensure this does not happen before you make your exit.

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