What is fire training?

What is fire training?

If a fire breaks out in your workplace, the highest priority is to get everybody out of the building as quickly, efficiently and carefully as possible. However, no matter how many times people have been informed of the evacuation procedures and methods of fire protection and combat, the sound of a fire alarm can cause chaos and all sense of cognitive, reasonable action can be forgotten.

This is usually put down to the fact that an emergency situation elicits unknown feelings and reactions that are stressful, intense and require an immediate response. However, fire safety experts believe that training, knowledge and practical experience can cause behaviour to be modified, preparing people for how to deal with a fire, and they suggest that this will lead to the best chance of a safe and methodical evacuation being conducted.

Therefore, safety training courses have been developed to arm your employees, or selected members of your team, with the necessary knowledge and technical ability should a fire ever occur.

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