Why do I need a fire alarm

Why do I need a fire alarm


Why do I need a fire alarm system  is one of the most asked questions. In short  protecting your business with fire alarms will never be top proiorty ‘to do It’s not that you don’t care, it’s just that there are sales targets, costs to squeeze , deals to find, expansion plans . . . the list goes on. Installing or upgrading fire detection is something you’ll get around to when you can.

However, not implementing fire safety measures can put  your staff and premises at serious risk and could put you in breach of the UK Laws. 

Most businesses require higher levels of fire protection because of their size, the material (stock)  they handle or their trading activities. The Question we ask are selves  is, which fire alarm system is best for my needs ?

The first step to finding out what fire alarm system would be best for you would be to get a fire risk assessment done this will help to evaluate all the risks and requirements need for your building premises taking in to account what you do. What stock you hold etc.

Getting advice tailored to your premises from experts is best starting point for you and your business

  • Owners of companies and buildings must appoint a ‘responsible person’ to ensure compliance with the current legislation adhered to.
  • There must be correct means of detecting fire and safely  raising the alarm.

While a ‘responsible person’ could be you, it could also be a professional fire safety business. This can be useful as to leave the professionals to ensure that it is being done right.

All businesses accommodating people – B&B’s, pubs, hotels, boarding schools, conference rooms and hostels will need to install automatic fire detection equipment for there premises. Also it can be useful to have system automatically connect to dial to protect your premises when you lot there remotely

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