A Guide to Building Safety and Security: From Fire Doors to CCTV Systems

A Guide to Building Safety and Security: From Fire Doors to CCTV Systems

A Guide to Building Safety and Security: From Fire Doors to CCTV Systems

According to the UK crime stats, there were 21,789 burglaries in April 2020 alone, including both domestic and commercial break-ins. However, despite high crime rates, many businesses do not have the right precautions in place to keep their premises and employees safe.

When is the last time you updated your security system? Have you experienced a fire or burglary before? If you’ve been slacking in terms of security and fire prevention this could have disastrous results for your business, so it’s important that you know your options and find an experienced team who can get them installed.

In this blog, we explain all you need to know about building safety and secure for your business. Read on to learn more.

Is fire door installation your only option?

You must take fire safety seriously throughout your business. It’s not just about installing a fire door here and there, but investing in high-quality detection systems from a fire alarm company and more.

Here are some of the most effective fire safety installations including fire door fitting.

Fire doors

When it comes to fire prevention, your main priority should be preventing the spread and helping those inside the building to escape as quickly and safely as possible. Fire doors are specially designed with a fire-resistance rating that will reduce the spread of fire and smoke between separate compartments of a structure. They are heavy duty and made from materials that can withstand roaring frames.

If you already have fire doors installed, you must get them regularly checked to ensure that no component has been damaged and therefore won’t work as intended during a fire. If you do not have fire doors or your current installations need replacing, check the health and safety regulations in line with your business. All commercial properties, or any non-domestic building, must adhere to the guidelines laid out in the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order: 2005 – more commonly referred to as the RRO or the FSO.

Why get fire doors installed by a professional company?

Fire door fitting should always be done by an experienced team. It’s important that the quality of the doors is up to standard, they are fitted well and of course, well maintained. It only takes one door part to be out of place in order for the entire system to become dysfunctional. Choose an experienced team who can advise you on which fire doors are best and get the job done to a high standard.

At AK Fire, we offer internal fire door installation and inspections. If you’ve had fire doors installed in your property, then maintenance is a vital part of keeping your building and employees safe. It’s essential for fire doors to be checked every six months, so get in touch with our team today to find out how we can help.

Fire risk assessments

In the UK it is a legal requirement for a fire risk assessment to be carried out on almost all premises where people could be working. The main aim is to assess any risks in your building, how they can increase the chances of a fire and prevent people from escaping. The examiner will also consider fire detection and warning systems, vulnerable people and your evacuation plan, using all of this information to provide feedback on how you can improve things.

Fire risk assessments should be reviewed every 2 years and redone every 4 years. Being aware of the possible risks in your workplace is valuable information and could prevent a serious incident from occurring, so take the feedback on board and make the necessary changes to improve the fire safety of your building.

Smoke alarms

Whether a small or large fire breaks out, smoke alarms have the important job of alerting those in the building. But, if you haven’t had your smoke alarms serviced or tested, they could be malfunctioning. In commercial buildings, there are many different types of smoke detectors that are more suited to these environments so it’s always worth having a professional take a look.

Smoke alarms should never be overlooked as they are usually one of the first warnings you get when a fire has broken out. If you notice any signs of repairs such as continuous beeping or your alarm did not go off during a fire, always call a professional fire alarm company who can take a look.

CO2 detectors

As well as having working smoke detectors, CO2 detectors are essential too. Carbon monoxide is extremely dangerous and can go undetected for long periods since it has no smell and is not a visible gas. However, having a carbon monoxide detector installed means you will be alerted if the gas is detected in the air, for example as a result of a gas leak.

This kind of installation will keep you and your employee safe. When carbon monoxide is released into the air, the side effects can affect the health of those in the environment and even lead to poisoning. Any appliance that burns fuel can produce carbon monoxide, including heaters, oil-fired boilers and fires, so installing a detector will keep your business safe if the gas were to become dangerous.

How can you improve security?

It’s not just fires that you need to think about when keeping your building safe. Break-ins, vandalism and other criminal behaviour can occur too, especially if your business does not have the right security measures in place.

Here are some top ways of improving your building’s security.

CCTV systems

Do you want 24-hour surveillance? Well, CCTV is your best option for monitoring the inside and outside of your workplace. The cameras themselves can act as a huge deterrent for criminal activity and if anything were to happen you have all the evidence you need.

Advanced lock and key systems

Sophisticated access control systems mean you have greater control over who is moving in and out of your building. Code locks and access cards, for example, can be installed throughout your building so you don’t need to worry about losing your keys. Restricted areas will remain private and you have less risk of uninvited guests making their way into your building.

Burglar alarm systems

If you become the victim of a break-in or attempted break-in, with a burglar alarm system you can scare off the culprit or reduce the amount of damage. When entry is forced the alarm will sound and alert you or the emergency services of the situation so someone can be on-site as soon as possible.

AK Fire: Internal Fire Doors and Professional Security For Your Business

At AK Fire, we’re a professional fire alarm company that specialises in all areas of fire prevention and security. You can’t put a price on the protection of your business, which is why we offer affordable and high-quality solutions for your business, no matter how big or small your enterprise is.

But where should you start when it comes to protecting your employees? As a well-established company in the industry, we have years of experience behind us to recommend the best course of action. We can supply, install and maintain a range of equipment throughout the UK.

From fire door fitting to CCTV, we have your best interests at heart. Take responsibility for the protection of your business today and hire a reliable team that have packages to suit your needs. Get in touch with us today for more information.

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