A Brief Guide To Passive Fire Protection

A Brief Guide To Passive Fire Protection

As opposed to fire safety equipment, like fire alarms and fire extinguishers, passive fire protection (PFP) is built into the structure of the building. For instance, a fire extinguisher is used actively once a fire has already broken out, but PFP works behind the scenes passively to keep the building and inhabitants safe.

Passive fire protection measures provide stability within the structure of a building in order to make a fire more manageable should one break out. These measures are designed specifically to curtail the potential devastation of a fire. As a result, this restriction provides critical time for inhabitants to escape and for firefighters to arrive.

By implementing effective passive fire protection measures, a building will be able to resist collapse for a longer period of time. Passive fire protection also prevents the excessive passage of smoke and dangerous heat conduction through walls. Depending on the size of a building, different PFP will be required. Similarly, different elements of a building must meet certain PFP requirements.

For example, a loadbearing element will have to remain structurally sound in the event of a fire, where a non-loadbearing element will only have to provide insulation and protection against the passage of smoke and hot gas. The required protection for loadbearing elements is significantly higher.

Passive Fire Protection Products

There is a wide range of PFP products available which help to protect occupants from fire.

Fire safety professionals may first complete a survey of a building to get an understand of the required protection. From there, they can install fire-stopping and compartmentalisation products, fire cavity barriers and fire walls and hoardings. Some other PFP measures include:

  • Fire shutters
  • Suspended ceilings
  • Fire doors
  • Fire-resisting glazing
  • Fire shutters and curtains
  • Fire-resisting ducts and shafts
  • Fire-fighting stairwells

AK Fire: An Experienced Team of Fire Protection Specialists

Here at AK Fire, we have a team of highly skilled engineers and can offer an excellent suite of fire protection services. Whether you require new fire alarms, fire doors, fire extinguishers or a passive fire control system, we can help.

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